5 Tools Everyone In The Maid Industry Should Be Using

Maid Cleaning Service
Maid Cleaning Service


Your home cleaning doesn’t need to be difficult with these 5 tools; you can easily get through your housecleaning like a pro expert.

  1. Hoover Port-a-Power vacuum

Hoover Port-a-Power vacuum will make your housecleaning tasks lighter. The compact model has a convenient shoulder strap for conveying. It is light and accompanies a full program of connections like a crevice tool, cleaning brush, upholstery brush, level floor tool and floor brush. Hoover Port-a-Power vacuum is to be utilized for hard surface floors like vinyl, tile and hardwood and won’t scratch. It is precisely the width of an average stair tread so it will effortlessly sit on the stair even though you vacuum here and there. It will likewise make extraordinary jobs with regards to vacuuming upholstery and get the carpet underneath low furniture and in alcoves and corners for your apartment in Manhattan.

No housecleaning work is finished unless you get rid of ceiling and corner cobwebs. Webster can be seen in grocery or hardware shops. It is a mushroom molded brush on an extendable pole. We utilize it to keep running along every single uncovered baseboard, the utmost part of door frames and window treatments; ceilings vents and lower lighting too. Webster is additionally used to clean the vanes of ceiling fans.


  1. Squeegee


This tool will make it so much at ease to clean and dry shower walls and glass shower doors so they dry streak free. Windows and sliding glass doors are such a great amount of less demanding to clean with a squeegee.


  1. Flat mop. 


Unfashionable string mops perhaps haven’t been utilized to clean floors in years. They mostly spread dirt around the floor without getting rid it. They are bulky and cluttered. Sponge mops are still everywhere, however, having the same issues as string mops. They are superbly hard to wash completely so the dirt is not all gone. We recommend a flat mop with a microfiber cover. This mop will let you to wash effortlessly and to get rid of the cover and replace it when it became too dirty. The surface area is bigger than a sponge wipe so it makes your work less easy as well.

  1. Microfiber cloths. 
Microfiber Cloths
Microfiber Cloths

These space age clothes are made to get rid of dust and dirt by gripping on to it and picking it up. At that point, you can take it outside and shake the dust out or simply place it in the laundry and utilize a new one when it gets “full”.

If you have with you with this 5 cleaning tools, your week after week housecleaning will go much smoother.…

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